Beautiful Breakfast! Nourishing Smoothies

Beautiful Breakfast! Nourishing Smoothies

A comment from Anne referring to the Baked Oat Breakfast Pudding:

"Oh, that sounds so yummy! I must admit that I'm a breakfast-skipper. I usually resort to cereal by my 10am break because I'm blacking out. Okay, Sharon, I'm going to turn over a new leaf and start making us good breakfasts. I really can't wait to hear about the smoothies!"

Nourishing Smoothies

Today's breakfast topic guessed it...smoothies. But before that, I want to remind you of my weekly breakfast plan. Here it is once again:

1. Baked Oat Breakfast Pudding

2. An Omelet or Frittata (or occasionally a quiche) of some kind with bacon or sausage.

3. A Smoothie of some kind.

4. Yogurt with fruit, coconut, nuts and raw, unfiltered honey (this is the only fixed menu item - always on Sundays).

5. Waffles, French toast or pancakes with bacon or sausage.

6. Eggs, any style with a simple salad.

7. Eggs with bacon (or sausage) and sometimes country potatoes.

The recipe for the smoothie includes two raw eggs per person. (You will be surprised when you taste it, that you can in no way detect the raw eggs.) Now we hear so much hype about the dangers of raw eggs. But we need not fear salmonella as long as we have our trusty spray bottles of full-strength white vinegar and full-strength 3% hydrogen peroxide. These two used together are more effective than phenol, the industry standard.

Since the salmonella bacteria can only exist on the outer shell of the egg, a spray of both vinegar and hydrogen peroxide on the egg shell will kill any of those nasty little bugs present there. The inside of a fresh egg is always sterile. But the truth of the matter is that only one in 30,000 eggs is contaminated and if you use good eggs from humane sources the percentage drops drastically.

Another safeguard is the coconut oil in the smoothie. Coconut oil is antibacterial (pathogenic bacteria). It will kill any pathogens in the mix (not that I think there would be any, but perhaps once in a lifetime it could happen).

This smoothie will keep you satisfied all morning. The link for the smoothie recipe is here: Cinnamon-Berry Smoothie. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Sharon!

    I've been looking for that recipe for breakfast flan with no luck, is it posted?
    Sure would like to try it!!


  2. Hi Jann,

    There are still a lot of bugs to work out on this blog and I knew that many of them would be discovered by readers. Thanks for pointing this one out. I'll get that recipe up asap.



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