How Silly - Revising and Reducing Grandma's Culinary Wisdom

How Silly - Revising and Reducing Grandma's Culinary Wisdom

I found this cookbook pictured below at a thrift shop for a dollar and could hardly wait to look through it. When I got home, anticipating the info therein (so much wisdom of the ancients in one book), I opened up the chapter on eggs and cheese (after all, we do have 14 chickens that are inundating us with eggs). (Continued with next photo.)

So, like I said, I opened up to the chapter on eggs and cheese. I was looking for a breakfast recipe. I read the intro to the chapter (to read the intro below, click on the picture). Wow! Grandma was a great gal. She could whip up anything to please anyone - the hungry farm hands coming in for breakfast or the little crumb-snatchers tugging at her apron or the picnickers at the church outing or the women from the Ladies Aid Society invited by Grandma to a fancy lunch. Yep, Grandma could please them all simply using eggs and cheese. How fun, I thought! So I perused the pages and landed... on this page that had several recipes and this tidbit of...WHAT???

OH NO! The diet-dictocrats had struck again - AND RIGHT AT GRANDMA'S HEART, no less! Oh, what dietary wisdom (NOT!). Let's just get rid of all the goodness - all the fat-soluble vitamins, all the beautiful color, all the toothsome, savory and complex flavors and all the dense nutrition and call it "a smarter way to eat" Bah humbug!

I leafed back to the first pages of the book to find this unfortunate statement, "Fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories have been reduced where possible, but without jeopardizing the rich, old-fashioned flavor." Yeah, right! They must have either bribed or threatened their taste buds to come to that conclusion. Truth is that not only did they jeopardize the flavor of the all recipes in those reductions, but also the dense nutritional value of the food as well.

When will we get the simple truth that what God created for us to eat is GOOD - the Bible tells me so in Genesis 1:12. Later after the flood, God gave animal foods to man to eat, and in presenting him with that gift, He was not compromising. God is only good and does only good.

Nor do we see God forbidding fat (butter, tallow, etc.) in the dietary laws in the Old Testament. Did He tell the Children of Israel to shun cholesterol, good salt and calories? How very silly. He did prohibit certain "unclean" animals but did not restrict and reduce the way our uniformed professionals have in this day and age. They have made food not only nutritionally void but oh so boring and tasteless as well. God knows food and He knows our bodies - He created them both. And, by golly, He did a stellar job!

Later, in the New Testament, after Christ had died and risen from the grave and redemption was opened up to the gentiles, all foods were declared "clean" so as to promote unity between all believers - Jews and gentiles. Furthermore, First Timothy 4:3-4 warns about the end times, when men fall away from the faith. Paul says they will "...forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared by those who believe and know the truth. For everything created by God is good (in this context, marriage and food) and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude..." (Italics added.) When man thinks he can come up with something better than God, it is only because it is so very, very good for his pocketbook! 

Had Grandma reduced, restricted and advocated abstaining from the good tasting and nutrient-dense foods that God created for man to eat and enjoy in the way our "professionals" have today, she would not have had the energy, wisdom or wit to feed and nourish so many diverse groups of hungry people. In fact, she would have been at the clinic undergoing tests to determine why she was feeling so poorly, as are the majority of Americans today who have fallen for the propaganda promoted by the food companies. 

Well, I shall pay no heed to those reductions and restrictions. I shall eat food, whole food and nothing but the food that God created with His help. And I shall "re-revise" the un-wise revisions of each recipe from my Like Grandma Used To Make cookbook that I prepare in my kitchen. After all, this cookbook was written to "preserve the legacy of old-fashioned cooking". That quite simply cannot be done without throwing all those silly revisions to the wind! 

For more fun regarding grandmother's culinary skills, click on the following link (in the title) for this great article "10 Reasons Your Food Never Tastes as Great as Your Grandma’s Did". 


  1. You have a lovely blog. Aren't thrift stores fun and great for finding some treasures? I agree with you, God gave us good things to eat, and it isn't the whole foods (usually) that are the issue, it is the processed foods.


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